Chad L. Dietrich



Chad Dietrich is a 3rd Generation Builder. Construction has been in his family and for Chad he wouldn’t have it any other way. As a kid, he’d move dirt around with his small push behind bulldozer. When he got old enough Chad graduated to a full-size skid steer. While working on machinery, Chad feels like a “Kid in a Construction Zone.” Chad and Alicia are high school sweethearts and have been together since then. As a family business, Chad’s wife Alicia has done the accounting since day one. With their family of 6 children both Chad and Alicia work to create a legacy for them. While working with clients, Chad believes that Creative Construction is creating something more than a building. They are creating a relationship that will last for many years. The motto of Creative Construction is “We Build Relationships” and with each completed project those relationships thrive.

Glenn Maier

Project Manager


Glenn Maier is the Project Manager and Safety Trainer for the Creative Construction family. Working in the construction industry for several years Glenn looks forward to the challenges that each day brings. What Glenn enjoys the most is the restoration/remodel process and spending time with clients. The greatest compliment Glenn received was when a client told him they have plans to build with Creative Construction again when their current project is finished. The experience and care that Glenn brings to each project creates an environment that every client appreciates and admires. The joke around the Creative Construction shop is Glenn has pile of leftovers from other job sites. The leftovers are famously called: “Glenn’s Overstock Pile.” While Glenn has plans for the overstock pile the guys in the shop still like to razz Glenn about it. On days off Glenn takes in the outdoors. From hunting, fishing to snow skiing Glenn enjoys the beauty of nature. Occasionally, his wife Nancy and two children Jeremiah and Logan join him on his adventures.

Curt “Thirsty” Goehring

Curt “Thirsty” Goehring has worked at Creative Construction since the beginning in 2001. A Bismarck native, Curt works as a Foreman/Superintendent. Curt admits the job title changes from day to day with his responsibilities. Creative Construction being a leader in metal buildings, Curt oversees the construction process from laying the foundation to connecting the steel beams. Seeing the results of a completed building is what Curt enjoys most. At the shop, Curt’s favorite piece of equipment is an old forklift that he’s convinced Chad to keep around. Curt appreciates classic cars and would like a racecar if his wife Beverly lets him. Friends call him “Thirsty” because many years ago he worked at a bar and like any nickname it stuck.

Jason “Gizzy” Gisvold

Jason “Gizzy” Gisvold has over 20 years of construction experience. Jason first learned construction from his father in Carrington, ND. Working with Creative Construction since 2011, Jason has become the “interior finish guy.” From sheet rock, doors to windows Jason can put any interior space together. Occasionally, Jason likes to be a prankster but don’t be afraid to ask him about the time a co-worker screwed his toolbox to the floor (true story). Jason admits he nearly pulled his arms off trying to get his toolbox, luckily he figured out the prank. While Jason’s not working or joking around, he’s spending quality time with his wife Samatha and son Carter. Like any North Dakotan, Jason enjoys hunting and fishing.