Parking Lot + Snow =

Super Clean Parking Space

We scoop the snow so you don’t have to

Shying away from the North Dakota winters is something the Creative Construction team doesn’t do. For businesses that need timely snow removal for parking lots and commercial sidewalks Creative Construction will get it done. Hauling snow offsite is available to keep your parking lot extra clean. De-Icing is another service Creative Construction has available. Options include sand/salt application and liquid application.

We use sand/salt in areas that require traction for slip protection and it works well down to 25 degrees, but is often corrosive to hard surfaces like parking lots, and be drug into your building on shoes. We also have a liquid application that is great for pre-treating for easier snow removal and works in temperatures down to 15 degrees while not being as corrosive as sand/salt. But it is not a traction aid for vehicles.